Cutting Room: Cover Peripherals

Flagstone slabs and shattered fiberglass—a gallery of outtakes from Al Mackinnon’s 26.6 cover shoot in Scotland.

Light / Dark

In the new issue of TSJ, the last section of our feature-well is anchored by a slab expedition along the coast of Scotland—twelve pages constructed from a submission turned in by UK-based photographer Al Mackinnon and California surfer Wil Banks. We liked the symmetry of that placement, especially since the cover shot, at the far end of the book, was also plucked from the same group of images. It’s a rare day in the assembly plant that we find a literal connection between the engine of the mag and its exterior—primarily because cover shots, by their very nature, tend to be a singularity.

“I’ve always favored trips that involve lengths of time in places,” says Al Mackinnon. “Slow journalism, rather than strike missions. It paid off in spectacular fashion on this trip, but proved costly for Wil’s quiver.”

In this case, though, there was more than enough material to support not only a whole feature-and-cover package, but to also warrant a little digital spillover. Scan the gallery above for the sparkplugs and pistons we left on the workbench. And, to read the feature itself—which is surrounded by another 100-plus pages of high-color globetrotting and immersive editorial—pick up a copy of the mag. All captions by Al Mackinnon.