Cutting Room: Cover Peripherals

Outtakes from Woody Gooch’s 25.5 cover shot of Dave Rastovich.

Light / Dark

Cover shots by their very nature tend to be a singularity. They stand out (or more accurately stand above) so they get sifted from the rest of their ilk and propped up, alone. But every photo usually comes from a batch, and that batch usually has a story, a trip, or an entire process of work behind it. We’re lucky enough to get to see those sister photos in our editing bay. In this case we decided to let you have a peak too.

The gallery above is sliced from Woody Gooch’s cover photo of Dave Rastovich on TSJ 25.5. “Dave and his partner Lauren Hill were doing a takeover at one of the Aussie magazines,” says Gooch, “so this trip was part of that project. It was a five-day drive down the east coast of Australia along with Chris Del Morro, his wife Maggie, and a band called the Babe Rainbows. The idea was to get a few sessions with the band kitted out and setup on the beach, with the rest of the crew surfing. I was only about a week away from moving from Australia to Tokyo but Chris called me up and asked me to tag along. After he explained the idea I was like, ‘Yeah. I think I have a few days to spare.’”
All captions and images by Woody Gooch.