Calypte: A Sailing and Surfing Voyage

Watch Torren Martyn, Aiyana Powell, and Ishka Folkwell’s new feature-length film now. Produced by needessentials.

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When Torren Martyn and Aiyana Powell borrowed Calypte, a 35-foot sailboat, and departed from the east coast of Thailand in early 2022, they had a combined sailing experience of only a few days. The one requirement of their journey was to deliver Calypte to Eastern Indonesia eventually. They planned to learn as they went and get a few experienced friends to help through the tricky bits. The pair spent a year at sea, sailing across the South China Sea, up through the Strait of Malacca, around the tip of Sumatra, and into the Indian Ocean—anchoring to surf perfect waves along the way. 

CalypteA Sailing and Surfing Voyage is a 98-minute feature film documenting Martyn and Powell’s journey. Directed by Ishka Folkwell and Torren Martyn. Produced by needessentials.

For more on Calypte, pick up a copy of TSJ 32.5 to read “Deep Learning” by Torren Martyn & Aiyana Powell.

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