“Breaking Everything” with Artist Fritz Chesnut

A short film exploring the TSJ 33.2 profile subject’s destructive process.

Light / Dark

In TSJ 33.2’s “Impact Zone,” author Alex Weinstein profiles artist and surfer Fritz Chesnut. “On a molecular level,” Weinstein writes, “water is the ultimate generator and defiler of the work. Chesnut is there too, of course, trowel and spray can in hand, but he positions himself as both a director of and an observer to the process. On a deeper, intuitive level, the paintings are subtly cued to the mind of a surfer.”

“Breaking Everything” is a short film companion to Chesnut’s print profile that explores the artist’s process. For more, pick up a copy of our new issue by clicking here.

Film by Tyler Haft, Brendan Calder, and Jackson Calder.

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