Finding Andrew

Rolling around Long Island’s East End and Brooklyn with shooter Andrew Blauschild.

Light / Dark

“Andrew Blauschild is a New Yorker, through and through,” writes author Biddle Duke in TSJ 32.5. “You can hear it in the accent, the slight edge and the attitude (though he’s softened with age, friends say), his penchant for black clothing.”

Raised in the Bronx, Blauschild gained an affinity for the South Fork of eastern Long Island as a teenager. For 30 years, he has made Montauk his adoptive home and photographic muse. His work captures the region’s natural beauty and its surf culture. In this short film, we ride shotgun with Blauschild around Montauk and visit his Brooklyn studio. To read “Finding Andrew” in full and to view more of his work, pick up a copy of TSJ 32.5 by clicking here.

Filmed and edited by Summer Rental Studios, Corey Frank, and Sal Librizzi.

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