A Graceful and Perfumed Rage

Past and present, polish and frenzy with Lisa Andersen.

Light / Dark

“Lisa Andersen surfs with grace,” writes Chas Smith of his subject in TSJ 26.1. “She surfs with beauty, but peppered in bits of Tom Curren and Martin Potter along the way, and so surfs in a cloud of perfumed rage. Her movement, rhythm, dance is perfect and even more perfect now then it was a decade ago.”

In the clip above we take a look at Andersen’s surfing from interval distances, just like Smith, via archival footage and present-day action, both shot in Indo. Sound bites from the subject—as introspective and self aware in 2003 as she is today—suggests she was mulling similar subjects even then, concerning her legacy, her career, and her surfing. Read the full profile in the mag. And enjoy Andersen’s timeless grace and rage here.