Portfolio: Group Show

Visual surf stimuli from the game’s best photographers.

Light / Dark

Luke Saranah, a high-speed arrow through a Western Australian apple, with his fletching providing every bit of necessary lift, stability, and control. Photograph by Tom Pearsall. 
Ephemeral topography of a better-not-named outer Australian island. “I shot this on the flight out,” says photographer Andrew Shield. “The pilot obliged us with a lap of the reef that, by sheer luck, coincided with a set.”
Derrick Disney chooses a clean and quiet line in southern Chile, as is the regional convention. Photograph by Kenny Hurtado.
“Teahupo‘o during an offseason swell in December,” says photographer Ryan Craig. “Tahitian Kevin Bourez, who pretty much gets his choice in set waves out there, paddled out late in the evening on a single-fin with no safety gear and immediately slid into the wave of the day.”
Can’t rain on this parade: Black clouds be damned, the mechanical-like lefts at Chicama, Peru, march unspoiled and onward. Photograph by Jair Bortoleto.