Portfolio: Group Show

Visual surf stimuli from the game’s best photographers.

Light / Dark

A serene look at high turbulence: Building swell at Teahupo‘o, as seen from way outside and behind the takeoff point. From this angle and in the early morning light, the lineup seems relatively inviting—but mortals, take heed. Photograph by Ben Thouard.
“I was hoping to shoot this set with a blank canvas in front of me,” says photographer Anthony Fox of this Cape Town beachbreak, “but this mutt walked into the frame. I guess even he knew this was a good one.”
“This wave roams,” says photographer Mark McInnis of this Panama slab. “It’s easy to get caught on the wrong end of it. Though I’m sure Wyatt McHale wishes he was close enough to swing for it here.”
An unidentified but well-sorted tube hound slots into welcomed repetition, Newcastle Beach. Photograph by Tom Hoy.
Bronson Meydi hits the inside track in sixth gear, Sumbawa. Photograph by Chris Klopf.
South Australian framing. Photograph by SA Rips.
By now, pretty much anything happening in a wave pool should be absorbed side-eyed. It’s too structured, too formulaic. Clay Marzo, however, is not just anything happening. Photograph by Jimmy Metyko.
A mostly non-surf audience finds a doubled-up attraction as vacation entertainment. Photograph by Kenny Hurtado.
Nils Schweizer, Mainland Mexico. “Nils has a natural ability to read this spot properly,” says photographer Justin Smith, “which isn’t easy for most surfers, even top-level pros. He’s always deep, never forces it, and pulls into just about anything. He’s one of the most underrated tube riders in the world.”