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The Shaper

Surfers tend to be a highly critical segment of the species. Oft cliquey and petty, the mark of the non-dilettante is measured by the length or an inseam, the rake of a fin, or the whittler of one's craft. Fine is the line we cross-step between cool and too cool.

Which is where a much needed short like "The Shaper" comes in. Heaven forbid we poke a little fun at ourselves. Taking rightful stabs at common cliches such as aquatic mysticism, the unnatural relationship between craftsman and blank, there's even a swipe at the destructive power of too much too fast.

Winner of the "Best Short" at last year's London Surf Film Festival and Byron Bay Surf Festival, "The Shaper" is what happens when North Shore and Spinal Tap collide. Where would we be without a little parody every now and again?