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TSJ In-Home Surf Trip Kit

With so many in need, it’s important that we share TSJ with as many people as possible. For this reason, the TSJ In-Home Surf Trip Kit is limited to one issue per customer.

If you previously claimed an issue, but are still in need of some surf escapism, sign up for an annual subscription here and we’ll include our current issue (TSJ 29.1) for free.

The surf community continues to experience considerable uncertainty as COVID-19 disrupts normal life. We’re doing what little we can to ease the angst and are giving away select issues from our back catalog, for free. We only ask that you cover shipping. It’s a surf trip you can still take.

As a reader-supported publication, we ask that you please make use of this offer if you can’t afford to support TSJ otherwise. Purchase subscriptions and other issues from our catalog here

A huge thank you to our subscribers and sponsors. We wish everyone well during these tough times. Be safe, be kind, and let’s keep enjoying the lineup together (at a safe distance).