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SOLD: Beachfront life, year round surf, + livable income: two villas & rental business in friendly, easy access Mexican beach town.

This property has been sold.


This is not just two beach villas and a thriving rental business—It’s a fully-funded, turnkey profitable beach lifestyle: the surfer’s dream, with a cornucopia of year-round surf breaks all around, within 0-25 miles. 

IMAGINE THIS: After an incredible night’s sleep, lulled by the roar of the waves, the ocean breeze whispers you awake. The soft, salty sea air pulls you out of bed—probably before dawn, because who can pass up another private sunrise ramble or a solo surf on the pristine beach right out front? 

Before you found this dream property, you probably thought that only the 2% could afford to wake up and step right outside and have a deserted, perfect beach nearly all to yourself? 

So, you bliss out while the birds frolic and the sky fills with color. Maybe you spot a mama turtle laying eggs or whales breaching. As the sun starts to get nice and toasty, you throw yourself in the balmy ocean for an early morning splash. (No wetsuits needed here.)

On the way home, you wave to a neighbor and maybe a tourist or two (there may be four people on the three mile beach by now). Then it’s breakfast: amazing locally grown organic coffee and sweet papaya with tangy lime (fruit grown on your property) at the table on your breezy patio overlooking the waves, while you figure out which of the many nearby world-class surf spots you’ll hit today. Hmm. Saladita, the wave machine? Manzanillo bay? The Ranch? The secret empty spot? Or maybe one of several breaks right in Troncones? Or maybe you’ll just catch a wave right out front and then take a nap? You choose. 

Then: What’s for lunch? Maybe a shrimp cocktail at one of the many inexpensive little restaurants or a perfect sandwich while watching the game at Cafe Sol? Or, if the fish man comes by and filets your hand-picked fish for you right in front of the house, maybe some home-made ceviche? Maybe throw it on the grill in a banana leaf from one of your trees… 

And so forth. Rinse and repeat. 

The really amazing part is that this experience doesn’t have to end. You are not on vacation. Not only is this your life, but the business pays all expenses AND provides a great income! 

The place was turnkey, so you started earning income the minute you bought it. In fact, if you keep things up to current standards (which have resulted in stellar reviews and mostly return guests), you should earn more than $50K US in profit the year after purchasing. (You can live extremely well on that in Mexico—and you’ll only spend 10-20 hours a week keeping that income coming.) 

Everything is taken care of. The place is run by a small team of lovely employees, who also take care of you, from cleaning your house daily to bringing you fresh coconuts. 

And, you get to meet great people. Guests often become friends. 

Best of all is that increased income potential (if you want it). The business was set up as low-maintenance, for tons of free time for surf and other creative projects. But since occupancy is around 50%, there’s plenty of room to grow. Spend a couple hours a day on additional promotion (plenty of time after that nap), and earn much more! A few weeks of time invested now will reap rewards for years. 

And then an evening surf and some margaritas…

—All in all, not a bad day’s work.—

We are no offering just a house and a business, but an awesome lifestyle and a stellar investment, perfect for a buyer with vision. It’s a sweet deal and a sweet BEACH LIFE that will pay for itself in around ten years. 


PRICE: Now asking US $625,000 (Down from US $678.000) 

We will also consider a trade for equivalent residential or commercial property in Portland, Oregon, or Vancouver or Victoria area in British Columbia.

We are offering this property at an extremely good price—replacement value for the houses/property. Our price is quite firm, as we have already lowered twice, and the property is discounted by the fact that it includes all furnishings (including fully stocked kitchens, etc.) and all business accoutrements. There’s even a beautiful long board on the built in surfboard rack. 

To facilitate the purchase and tax issues, we’re offering the business separately in a private contract for a token price, and including our easy-to-use calendar, email, and booking system as well as 10 hours of personal coaching on our system / running a business in Mexico. 

Why are offering it at such a good price? Because we would simply rather get our main investment back, instead of waiting for the Troncones boom (which is definitely on its way—think Sayulita and San Pancho, 10 years ago). We’ve had our incredible decade-long beach adventure and yearly profits. We now want to be closer to aging family in the US and can’t visit as often.

Don’t forget — it’s completely turn key. The house and staff are ready for you to show up and hit the beach. The business will provide instant income. 

It’s a dream situation for someone who dreams of the beach life. 


Profitable vacation rentals on a pristine sandy swimming & surf beach, just 5 minutes North of downtown Troncones, 20 minutes from shopping and social hubs of Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa, and 40 minutes from ZIH international airport.  

TWO VILLAS WITH FOUR APARTMENTS. Two gorgeous, breezy, custom-designed and built villas with a pool. Four fully-furnished apartment units. (4000 SF of living space, not including ample patios/balconies, 6 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, 4 kitchens, including a studio apartment. Laundry and 2 storage rooms, etc. More details below.)

THE HOMES: Beachfront surf compound with two gracious villas with four profitable flats/vacation rentals, on a spacious lot with beachfront plunge pool and mature tropical gardens. Designed in elegant yet simple Tropical Zen style, for maximum low-maintenance comfort, the units have polished cement counters, accent walls and floors as well as hand-crafted tropical wood details. With open patios and fully screened spaces to let ocean breezes come and go, this is indoor-outdoor living at its most gracious and most comfortable.   

 LOCATION:  The time-warp village of Troncones—a tiny, safe & peaceful Mexican village with year-round surf, where everyone knows (and looks out for) everyone else—offers total peace and relaxation, just 20 minutes from the hopping resort cities and amenities of Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa.

  • Sam’s Club, Europea liquor and import store – a bit like a Mexican Trader Joes, restaurants, boutiques, nightclubs, diving, sport fishing, two golf courses, and surf breaks galore.) 
  • Only 40 mins from ZIH International Airport (with year-round direct flights from many major US cities).  
  • Troncones boasts fresh fish, produce and even beer delivered daily to your front gate!   


  • At the secluded end of Troncones’ quietest residential beach, only a mile from Troncones “downtown,” yet away from any town noise. 
  • Right on one of the best sandy swimming & boogie boarding beaches in town, with our own mostly-secret surf break right out front.  
  • YEAR-ROUND SURF: Troncones gets swells year-round! Epic in summer (tourist low season = surfer high season). 
  • Shortboard break right out front, along with several more breaks along our 3 mile Troncones beach, and as many very diverse, generally uncrowded world-class breaks within a 30 minute drive. 
  • The local surf scene is a growing source of tourism and fun, with newly-minted local surf tournaments and more visitors every year. 
  • Say “adios” to wetsuits, cold water, and agro, crowded surf spots!   

UNSPOILED NATURE + MODERN AMENITIES: Troncones truly is one of the few remaining easily-accessible, yet affordable unspoiled beaches. 

  • Get total peace in nature, without being too isolated. 
  • Onsite wildlife and bird-watching galore, and a soundtrack of birdsong and breaking waves. 
  • SUP paradise. 
  • Easily accessible kayaking, hiking and biking areas
  • Only a mile to the stores and restaurants of our thriving little “downtown.” 
  • Only 20 minutes to Sam’s Club and the big city.  

CONNECTED: The property includes a landline, cable TV, water main and huge storage tank, and two separate, redundant internet providers, just in case.  


  • Three VRBO/AIRBnB listed flats (and one long-term rental) with great web presence. (Little dependence on listing services. More than 80% of bookings are from the website.)
  • Completely turnkey
  • Set up as a part-time job with impressive profits. 
  • Easily managed, successful rental business
  • Nearly 10 years of professionally-designed online presence
  • Stellar reviews
  • Mostly return guests
  • Fully furnished property (including specially-designed, hand-made tropical wood furniture and some Mexican antiques)
  • All rental accoutrements: towels, kitchenware, linens, etc.


  • Professionally designed branding (logo, etc.)
  • Professional photographs (Flickr Page with tons of professional photos yours to use for promo)
  • Established Facebook Page with 400+ likes
  • Easy to use reservation / calendar system
  • Brand new, professional WordPress website for easy customization. (No need to count on expensive web developers.)
  • 10 hours of coaching on booking and calendar system as well as running a business in Mx.
  • Optional: Legalized Jeep Grand Cherokee (negotiable), Honda scooter. 

GREAT INCOME WITH SCALABLE POTENTIAL: Just step in and start earning or grow it. 

  •  Net profits are more than $50K/year (for less than half time work. Between 6-20 hours a week). 
  • 90% of income comes from renting just 6 months of the year, with around 50% occupancy. 
  • Rental income has tons of room to grow with increased advertising. (We only use the website and select listing services. The advertising field is open.)

 Business income will pay for the entire property in around 10 years. 

MORE BUSINESS POTENTIAL: Not enough for your entrepreneurial itch? The 4th unit is currently rented long term as a studio apartment to our onsite masseuse/yoga instructor. But it’s also set up to be a cafe, bar, or boutique, all of which are super easy to set up and run down there. Far less bureaucracy to deal with. 

INCLUDES: Everything you need. Turnkey rental business with reservations in place and many return guests. Fully furnished, the property price includes everything from kitchen appliances to silverware to linens to furniture. There’s even a negotiable Jeep Grand Cherokee. And a couple of sweet jungle cats who would love to stay onsite and keep critters at bay.  

OPPORTUNITY = EPIC. It’s a great time to buy. Prices are going up as the Troncones market heats up. Troncones might become even more popular in a post-covid world, due to its built-in isolation (down a windy road from the highway), its undeveloped remoteness and naturally socially-distanced playa. 

THE AREA BOOM IS COMING. Get in before Troncones is fully discovered. (Think Sayulita or San Pancho 20 years ago, but better — much, much closer to an international airport, with a much more beautiful beach, and more nearby surf breaks.) 


  • Keep the biz as is and visit at will: Full-time income for part-time work, plus your own surf home. Keep one unit for personal use, rent the rest, make a tidy, low-maintenance profit, and look forward to an epic, income-producing retirement.
  • Purchase with friends or family and turnt he four apartments into your own condos/time share vacation compound. (If you’d like, the business can be phased out once existing reservations have been honored. Buyer profits from reservations already made.)
  • Retire now on the beach with a good income from a fun and easy part-time job with full time pay. Live in peace and beauty, surf every day, and meet great people.
  • Tons of room to grow: Invest a bit more time upfront on promotion and vastly increase your income for years to come.
  • Get Creative. Create another business on the property in the downstairs studio unit. Perfect for a café, bar, or a boutique…



  • Right on quietest sandy beach in town
  • Total peace and quiet, yet close to town
  • Great swimming beach right out front
  • Secret surf break out front
  • One mile to “downtown” troncones
  • 20 minutes to Zihuatanejo/Ixtapa
  • 40 highway minutes to ZIH international airport
  • Lush tropical gardens with mature vegetation
  • Coconut palms, mango, banana, moringa, even an Ylang Ylang tree.


  • 2 homes
  • 4 units
  • 6 bedrooms (including studio apartment)
  • 5.5 baths
  • 4 kitchens
  • 4000 SF of living space, not including ample patios/balconies
  • Tons of storage and closet space
  • Ocean view plunge pool
  • Large beachfront sun bathing patio
  • Landline and WIFI and cable TV 
  • 2 internet providers
  • Big laundry room with washer/dryer + shelving
  • Huge water storage tank
  • Eco-friendly septic and gray water system
  • 2 storage rooms
  • Fountain with fish and lotus blossoms
  • Barbecue grill
  • Recent construction: beach house 2010, garden house 2014.
  • Great people — affordable, friendly, knowledgeable long-term staff
  • Affordably and easily run from afar
  • Yearly property taxes are under US $200
  • Ecological permits are all in place
  • The Zona Federal or restricted zone beach permit is also included (important)


  • 8700 SF/810 SM fully-fenced beachfront lot.
  • Tropical gardens with lush, mature vegetation including coconut palms, mango, banana, moringa, even an Ylang Ylang tree, and flowers galore.   

PRICE: We have lowered the price to below replacement value of the property: USD $625,000. [This price does not include the value of the business, which for tax reasons, we are pretty much giving away—with the stipulation that any current reservations must be honored (and profited from). We are limiting reservations to less than a year out, in case buyer wishes to transition to private home.

WHY SELL this this beach-dream-come-true? We had to move back to the US to take care of aging family and can no longer visit regularly. We had 10 glorious beachfront years, learned to surf, and made a ton of friends, but now it’s time to move on.  

We will also consider a trade for equivalent residential or commercial property in Portland, Oregon, or Vancouver or Victoria area in British Columbia.

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