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Island Path Panama

Island Path Panama, a boutique surf/spear fishing resort in Bocas Del Toro is for sale.

Details: Island Path Panama, a boutique surf/spear fishing resort in Bocas Del Toro is for sale.

Located just three miles outside of Panama’s #1 tourist town, Bocas Del Toro, and built on the top of the highest hill on the island of Isla Colon, is Island Path Panama.  The town breaks of Bluff, Paunch, Inner Dump and Dump are within ear shot and accessible by the town’s main road.  The island and reef breaks of Carenaro, Silverbacks and many other secret outer island spots are accessed by the resort’s boat, moored at a town marina.

The surf in this region is consistent and is known for its hollowness and power.  There are two surf seasons providing for eight months of quality surf.  Several spots, like Silverbacks and Hardwood can handle larger swells, up to triple overhead.  During the two flat seasons of two months each the spear fishing is simply off the charts providing both reef and blue water hunting opportunities.  The area is pristine and untouched.

Panama City is highly accessible from all US cities and Bocas Del Toro’s airport, on Isla Colon is served by domestic airlines twice daily (the airport is only three miles from the resort).  Bocas is also serviced by airlines from Costa Rica.  The currency is the US dollar and the tourist visa lasts six months eliminating the need for a residency visa…just go to CR for three days, surf Salsa Brava, and come back.

The resort is on a 1 acre titled lot comprised of the owner’s main house and the guest cabanas.  Being a boutique business, the owners purposefully kept the number of guests low while focusing on the highest level of personalized service.  The two cabanas sleep two each for a maximum capacity of four guests.  This also means low or no staffing required minimizing operating costs.

Island Path Panama’s internet based marketing resulted in more business than could be handled. Further, favorable Trip Advisor reviews mean that unlike most surf resorts that rely on surf travel brokers (with significant fees), Island Path Panama generates all the business it can handle. As an owner, you’ll be acquiring a turnkey business with a maximum probability of success.

Price: $475,000

Email owner 

Stan Chew

 for a prospectus on Island Path Panama.

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