La Joya del Mar Casa/Hotel – Chile

For Sale:

La Joya del Mar boutique hotel consists of three beautifully constructed villas, a fully equipped and permitted restaurant, a two bedroom administrator home, laundry room, bodega, all totaling over 600 square meters. Construction made from locally sourced high beams, roofs, double paned windows, each with an ocean view. The entire property sits on 3.5 acres in a protected, north facing microclimate. Fully mature gardens envelop the entire project—villas, restaurant, terraces, decks and pool with the world-class point framing the background.

The hotel is fully operational, fully maintained and enjoying the success of 12 years of hard work. It could be run as is, or is primed for additional lodging. Now is a great moment to get in early, yet with the path well paved.


Considered one of the nicest and most laid back coastal town in Central Chile, Buchupereo lies in a lush valley surrounded by dense mountains. Just off the edge of the city, the town’s point is one of Chile’s best waves. With a mellow surf scene featuring temperatures similar to Central California.

Though Chilean tourism has boomed in recent years, Buchupereo remains “country.” Town features include public education ranging from preschool to highschool, community doctors and clinics, and other modern essentials of everyday life within a ten-minute drive. A major airport lies just 2-hours away.


$1,750,000 USD. Please contact Chris at for more information.