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The Undercurrents regard the following: A possible comeback for the breakthrough material from the ’40s & 50s along with a few balsa sources and their contact information, Juan Rodriguez building wooden fins that are glass-on or removable, Pezman’s thoughts against people’s efforts to make surfing an Olympic sport, promoting the Bob Simmons Memorial album “Surfer’s Mood,” promoting surf reports now available by fax and computer via Wavefax, Surfax, and Gold Coast Weather, a sailing cat will take six guests to Costa Rica in Spring of 1996, contact information provided, John Gunnin’s two-week tour to Peru combining surfing with cultural experiences, promoting Chris Ahrens’ guide for the traveling surfer, information regarding Pat Curren along with various pieces of surf industry news, brief obituary for Fred Windisch recognizing his contributions making surf films, an opportunity to obtain 16mm prints of Jepsen’s earliest films, contact information provided, Goodrich promoting David Fetherston’s new book featuring historical ads, cartoons, vehicles and related artworks, promoting the locally run Tahiti Hoe, and their decorative oceanic canoe steering paddles, surf stationary from 1938 submitted by collector, Howard Wallace, early surf memorabilia from Bob Beaver, a collage of surf graphics submitted by Don Balch, and lastly Steve Pezman’s closing remarks on this issue’s New Zealand article, Bud Browne’s accomplished life, Rob Gilley’s photo portfolio, and Matt Warshaw’s Pipe Masters’ piece along with other featured articles from Volume Four, Number Four.