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The Rover is a field watch designed to be equally adept on land or in water; amphibious. Simple, rugged and reliable, necessities when you are miles from civilization. Like all Seaholm watches, the Rover is shock resistant, water resistant to 200M and anti-magnetic.

The Seaholm Jacket is not a box but a water tight CNC machined aluminum tube with inset compass in the cap. Customers who buy Seaholm watches use the Seaholm Jacket to house first aid kits on boats, as a travel canister, and of course, to carry and protect their Seaholm watch. The Seaholm Jacket’s quality and usefulness continues to make an impact. The complete Seaholm packing experience includes the Seaholm Jacket Canister, leather watch roll that fits inside the Jacket, an additional Seaholm NATO strap and a tool for changing bracelets and straps.

Each Rover Field watch includes:

  • One stainless steel bracelet and one NATO strap as shown.
  • Custom TSJ x Seaholm Jacket
  • Leather watch roll
  • Tool for changing bracelets and straps

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Note: Orders will be fulfilled by Seaholm in 2-3 business days.