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A reader-supported surf publication founded in 1992, The Surfer’s Journal is vivid, authoritative, and independent. The goal of each 132-page bimonthly edition? A completely resolved composition. Balance. Color. Story. And purist surf energy from Page One to close-of-book.

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Cigars! Clubs! Marching powder! Jeb Bush! Endangered German tourists! Reality porn! Who doesn’t have a soft spot for flamingo-dripping, rope chain-swinging Miami? Well, the author, for starters. And he’s from there. Originally. He fled, you see. But remarkably, the absence has led to a fond heart. And bolstered by some vivid photography, he makes a fair case for those rare moments when the shore is graced by hurricane lines. When sand as white as an Andean slope is pounded by bottle-green A-frames. Then there’s that Eva Mendes thing…