Baby, It’s Cold

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Volume 17.Issue 5

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Sam George takes on the subject of cold water surfing. He explores how the wetsuit may be the most important innovation in modern surfing. Improvements in wetsuit design and technology have allowed the act of surfing to expand to areas of the globe previously considered inaccessible, or at least shockingly undesirable due to frigid water temperatures. Formerly, extreme cold water surfing was seen as a bit of a novelty, an incredibly dedicated one, but still a novelty. Recent developments and improvements in wetsuits have opened up the possibility of being a four season surfer in the most punishing climates. Cold water surfing is no longer just about surviving the elements, the boundaries of performance are being pushed in bone chilling temperatures, in both the small and big wave arenas. The article also includes a brief aside by Scott Hulet exploring the superiority of wetsuits made with Japanese materials.