On the Cover: Greg Long in the far Eastern Atlantic, perhaps contemplating the benefits of length over height. The noted XXL-hunter journeyed toward African waters for the sole purpose of burning rubber down this quarter-mile, sand-bottomed drag strip. Check out the guts of the issue to read more from this trip. Various other points and personas also included within.


[sj_full_text_below title=”Indronesia” page=”Page 22″ teaser_text=”The%20Mentawai%20Archipelago%20from%20above.” image=”806099″ text_overlay=”At their best, and in the hands of a cliché-avoiding pilot, camera drones can peel back the skin on a surf spot. Trimmed of the incessant electric buzz, one can take in the vistas peacefully—mind surfing to a pleasant numbness.” overlay_color=”white” credits_text=”PHOTO BY FRED POMPERMAYER” credits_color=”white” /]

[sj_full_text_below title=”Into the Forge with Ryan Thomas” byline=”By Richard Kenvin” page=”Page 36″ teaser_text=”The%20naturalistic%20captures%20of%20a%20filmmaker%E2%80%99s%20lens.” image=”806103″ overlay_color=”white” credits_text=”PHOTO BY BRIAN BIELMANN” credits_color=”white” /]

[sj_full_text_below title=”Brine Trust” byline=”By Phil Jarratt” page=”Page 48″ teaser_text=”Scenes%20from%20surfing%E2%80%99s%2070s%20counterculture.” image=”806104″ overlay_color=”white” credits_text=”IMAGES COURTESY OF JOSEPH TABLER BOOKS” credits_color=”white” /]

[sj_full_text_below title=”Hard Science/Native Son” byline=”By Beau Flemister” page=”Page 54″ teaser_text=”From%20the%20lab%20to%20the%20pit%20with%20Clifford%20Kapono.” image=”806105″ overlay_color=”white” credits_text=”PHOTO BY SARAH LEE” credits_color=”white” /]

[sj_full_text_below title=”Saharan Echoes” byline=”By Al Mackinnon” page=”Page 66″ teaser_text=”Cracking%20the%20code%20in%20the%20Eastern%20Atlantic.” image=”806106″ text_overlay=”Sunrise revealed infinite dunes emanating from the Saharan dawn. As we approached the shore, we saw rooster tails, a hint of the sub-sea-level tubes careening down the point. We followed one particularly filthy specimen with our eyes as it ground across the bar.” overlay_color=”white” credits_text=”PHOTO BY Al Mackinnon” credits_color=”white” /]

[sj_full_text_below title=”The Power We Get From the Sea” byline=”By Andy Davis” page=”Page 84″ teaser_text=”Avo%20Ndamase%E2%80%99s%20commitment.” image=”806110″ overlay_color=”white” credits_text=”PHOTO BY GREG EWING” credits_color=”white” /]

[sj_full_text_below title=”Resin, Light, and Space” byline=”By Bolton Colburn” page=”Page 90″ teaser_text=”The%20solidified%20artwork%20of%20Peter%20Alexander.” image=”806114″ overlay_color=”white” credits_text=”PHOTO COURTESY OF PARRASCH HEIJNEN GALLERY” credits_color=”white” /]

[sj_full_text_below title=”Portfolio: Seth de Roulet” byline=”Introduction by Ethan Stewart” page=”Page 98″ teaser_text=”The%20westward%20tilt.” image=”806118″ text_overlay=”Photographing the late 1990s NYC skate scene gave him a comfort level with close quarters, unpredictable action, and risk. When you consider some of his tight-angled images, which convey an urgent and intimate sort of energy, it becomes hard to argue with this approach.” overlay_color=”white” credits_text=”PHOTO BY SETH DE ROULET” credits_color=”white” /]