[sj_full_text_below title=”Clare in His Blood” byline=”By Daniel Crockett” page=”Page 22″ teaser_text=”Tom%20Lowe%20on%20the%20big%20wave%20stage.” image=”702958″ text_overlay=”“I’ve never been a winner. That’s not my thing. When I’m sitting on the inside bowl, and I get a huge set on the head, I expect it to happen. I enjoy that part of it too. I’m used to it not coming easy.”” overlay_color=”white” credits_text=”Photo by Al Mackinnon” credits_color=”white” /]

[sj_full_text_below title=”Electric Blue Maybes” byline=”By Beau Flemister” page=”Page 32″ teaser_text=”Risks%20and%20rewards%20on%20the%20Westside%20of%20Oahu.” image=”702959″ credits_text=”Photo by Jeremiah Klein” credits_color=”white” /]

[sj_full_text_below title=”Fiction: Lucky You Surf” byline=”By Cort Gifford” page=”Page 40″ teaser_text=”Greer%20surfed%2C%20and%20occasionally%20shot%20craps.%20He%E2%80%99d%20never%20been%20to%20Hawaii%2C%20but%20that%20didn%E2%80%99t%20mean%20he%20wasn%E2%80%99t%20lucky.” image=”702960″ overlay_color=”white” credits_text=”Illustration by Armando Veve” credits_color=”white” /]

[sj_full_text_below title=”Offerings” byline=”Introduction by Steve Barilotti” page=”Page 48″ teaser_text=”Art%20Brewer%E2%80%99s%20altar%20of%20rarities.” image=”702964″ credits_text=”Photo by Art Brewer” credits_color=”white” /]

[sj_full_text_below title=”Good Trouble” byline=”By Steve Barilotti” page=”Page 68″ teaser_text=”The%20continuing%20education%20of%20Dave%20Rastovich.” image=”702970″ text_overlay=”At one point, after his father’s wake, one of the local groms proposed that a surfer of Dave’s ability could ride anything, even a coffin.” overlay_color=”white” credits_text=”Photo by Todd Glaser” credits_color=”white” /]

[sj_full_text_below title=”The Sikerei of the Islands” byline=”By Matty Hannon” page=”Page 80″ teaser_text=”Tattoos%20and%20reef%20waves%2C%20shamans%20and%20cultural%20collisions%20in%20the%20Mentawai.” image=”702971″ text_overlay=”At midday, Lepon and I walked along a new gash that severed his tiny hamlet, the first road ever to connect the village to the outside world. The mud from the half-constructed motorway had the appearance of a bloody coagulation—oozing, sticky, and warm.” overlay_color=”white” credits_text=”Photo by Heather Hiller” credits_color=”white” /]

[sj_full_text_below title=”Portfolio: SA Rips” byline=”Introduction by Sean Doherty” page=”Page 98″ teaser_text=”West%20of%20Pointerville%2C%20through%20the%20lens%20of%20a%20South%20Australian%20shooter.” image=”702976″ credits_text=”Photo by SA RIPS” credits_color=”white” /]