On the cover, Craig Anderson resets for a secondary roll-in on his 5’4″ in maxing Indo. The interior spreads navigate car wrecks in the Australian red desert, deep powder and frigid rail turns in Japan’s Arctic Circle, and the (arguably) superior physics of the single-fin. More, of course, inside.


[sj_full_text_below title=”Portfolio: D.J. Struntz (Revisited)” page=”Page 100″ teaser_text=”Globetrot imagery from one of surfing’s most prolific shooters.” image=”253438″ credits_color=”black”]

[sj_background_image title=”Beast Slayer” byline=”by Rory Parker” page=”Page 60″ teaser_text=”Hawaiian lifeguard and big-wave specialist Dave Wassel has been chasing monster surf for most of his life. Has he finally caught his limit?” background_image=”253428″ credits_color=”white”]

[sj_full_text_below title=”Kia Kaha” page=”Page 98″ teaser_text=”An affirmation from beyond the grave from fallen water photographer Jon Mozo.” image=”253436″ credits_color=”black”]

[sj_background_image title=”Edges of Disaster” byline=”by Steve Shearer” page=”Page 40″ teaser_text=”When surf culture throw-aheads cross the Aussie continent for desert pits, strange lines and heated exchanges surely follow.” background_image=”253426″ credits_color=”white”]

[sj_background_image title=”Must We Burn The Single Blade?” byline=”by Dave Parmenter” page=”PAGE 18″ teaser_text=”An argument for the neutral drive of the single-fin.” background_image=”253422″ credits_color=”black”]

[sj_quote title=”Dave Parmenter” quote=”What price are you willing to pay for multi-fin performance if it comes at the cost of having to surf like everyone else?” remove_space=”remove-above”]

[sj_background_image title=”Gallery: Lawrence LaBianca” byline=”by Ashton Goggans” page=”Page 76″ teaser_text=”The environmental progressions of a multimedia artist and naturalist.” background_image=”253429″ credits_color=”white”]

[sj_full_text_below title=”Taylor Camp” byline=”by John Wehrheim” page=”Page 50″ teaser_text=”In 1969 a village of tree houses became a safe zone for those in search of perfect surf and “good vibrations.”
” image=”253427″ credits_color=”black”]

[sj_full_text_below title=”La Maestra” byline=”by Elizabeth Pepin Silva & Paul Ferraris” page=”Page 34″ teaser_text=”Mayra Guadalupe Aguilar Villavicencio is a teacher on land and in the water.” image=”253425″ credits_color=”white”]

[sj_background_image title=”Outside Dimension” byline=”by Mike Davis” page=”Page 92″ teaser_text=”A handful of surfers were at Rincon for the Swell of the Century. Thankfully, one of them was a writer.” background_image=”253435″ credits_color=”black”]

[sj_quote title=”Mike Davis” quote=”The center of the storm dropped to an amazingly low 64 kilopascals of mercury and we began plotting its path, hoping to forecast the swell’s arrival. We had no idea what to expect. No one had seen anything like it.” remove_space=”remove-above”]

[sj_full_text_below title=”Crosspollination” byline=”by Shane Peel” page=”Page 86″ teaser_text=”Surf and snowboard cultures intersect at the edge of Japan’s arctic circle.” image=”253431″ credits_color=”black”]