The U.S. War Department (and its contributions to surf meteorology), the rebirth of Cape St. Francis, one terrifying European slab, and a dystopian wave garden all make it into the consommé in Volume 24.6. Kassia Meador, Jamie O’Brien, plein air artist John Comer, and assorted waveforms deepen the stock.


[sj_text_section title=”Feature Articles from the new Surfer’s Journal”]

[sj_full_text_below title=”The Real Jamie O’Brien” byline=”by Jed Smith” page=”Page 62″ teaser_text=”The story of the “White Mr. Pipeline” is not for safe, suburban ears.” image=”439″]

[sj_full_text_below title=”Beach Party” byline=”by Steve Barilotti” page=”PAGE 90″ teaser_text=”Engineer and oceanographic Willard Bascom, the U.S. War Department, and the wildcat origins of surf science.” image=”409″]

[sj_background_image title=”Found in Translation” byline=”by Derek Hynd” page=”PAGE 76″ teaser_text=”The Endless Summer’s Cape St. Francis has always been a wave of dreams. This season it became a reality.” background_image=”408″]

[sj_quote title=”Alan van Gysen” quote=”Few waves were ridden successfully on this, the biggest day, but those that were yielded racing walls from top to bottom. In years long gone, before the houses and locked-in sand, Bruce’s would break all the time on smaller swells. Now it takes the right direction and size to get the old lady going, but every five to ten years she loves to show off and amaze.”]

[sj_full_text_below title=”P.O.P.” byline=”by Christopher Merritt and Domenic Priore” page=”PAGE 42″ teaser_text=”For a few Angeleño surfers, a shuttered pleasure pier became a surreal, sometimes-scary, and occasionally-magical surfscape.” image=”405″]

[sj_full_text_below title=”Costa Da Morte ” byline=”by Paul Evans and Bastien Bonnarme” page=”PAGE 18″ teaser_text=”A European crew discovers lethal slabs on Basque Spain’s death coast.” image=”411″]

[sj_background_image title=”Gallery: John Comer” byline=”by Scott Hulet” page=”Page 52″ teaser_text=”Vaquero pastorals from the artist’s recent show in San Jose del Cabo.” background_image=”438″]

[sj_quote title=”John Comer” quote=”I’m exercising new ways, for me, of conveying information. There’s a desert brilliance. That’s what I embrace, because it’s something representative of place. Painting must be regional. It must be specific. That’s what makes it universal.” remove_space=”remove-both”]

[sj_full_text_below title=”Portfolio: Mick Curley” page=”PAGE 100″ teaser_text=”Reflections from an Indo shooter: “I always try to capture the feeling of the moment, not just the action but how it felt to be present at that time and place.”” image=”440″]

[sj_background_image title=”k*meador” byline=”By Jamie Brisick” page=”PAGE 34″ teaser_text=”Grace incarnate, Kassia Meador has proven that she can hustle while she flows.” background_image=”437″]