Excerpt: Thank You Mother

Watch Torren Martyn take a 6’6″ channel-bottom twin-fin to task at Jeffreys Bay, excerpted from his feature film, Thank You Mother.

The Dew Of Little Things

A short film featuring TSJ profile subject Josie Prendergast around home in New South Wales, directed by Nathan Oldfield.

Excerpt: “You Won’t Go”

Taking stock of the North Shore’s culture of youthful challenging that pushes the limits in heavy water. From TSJ 28.5.

Interview: Ryan Bingham

On cutting his musical teeth in rodeo trailers and honky-tonks, picking up surfing on a hungover morning in wind-slopped Corpus Christi, and the parallels between riding waves and riding bulls.

Trailer: Surf Cuba

A documentary preview that looks into the burgeoning Cuban surf and skate communities.

The Archivist: You Crazy Diamonds

Echoes and the magical pairing of Pink Floyd and George Greenough. A revisitation from TSJ 23.6.

Super 8 Polyester Elixir

Watch the still frames from TSJ 28.4’s profile on Jack Coleman come to life full motion and saturated color.

On the Edge of a Dream

Watch an extended look into Andrew Kidman and Ellis Ericson’s recent film and book project.

The Venn Diagram of Pop

Alex Israel’s artwork blurs the lines between fine art, superficiality, and appropriations of surf.

The Billion-Dollar Sketchbook

Animator and surfer Stephen Hillenburg’s brainchild made his debut around a Baja campfire. Knowing the artist’s background, that should come as no surprise.

Interview: Andrew Doheny

On breaking a contest mindset, the benefits of a non-surf interests, and the happy accidents and perspective-shifting of self-shaping.

South From Gibraltar

A West African video diary.