On the Edge of a Dream

Watch an extended look into Andrew Kidman and Ellis Ericson's recent film and book project.

Excerpt: Tranquila La Plaza

For a hundred or so local surfers, day-tripping Sinaloa is—tentatively—back on the table.

Landscape Painters

Taj Burrow, Jay Davies, Dino Adrian, and John Respondek dig into the bone-blasted outback of Western Australia.

A Moment of Reflection 2019

A Short Tribute

The Archivist: A Reckoning

California’s Golden Boy David Eggers had it all, until he didn’t. Now he’s found something like grace in the desert.

Influences: Nolan Hall

The images, board makers, and surfers that have inspired and shaped the work of TSJ 28.6’s portfolio subject

My Favorite Part: ZONE FREQUENCY

An inside look at Jack Coleman’s latest film.

The Archivist: The Bull & The Kid

An interview with Greg Noll and Brock Little.

Excerpt: Thank You Mother

Watch Torren Martyn take a 6’6″ channel-bottom twin-fin to task at Jeffreys Bay, excerpted from his feature film, Thank You Mother.

The Dew Of Little Things

A short film featuring TSJ profile subject Josie Prendergast around home in New South Wales, directed by Nathan Oldfield.

Excerpt: “You Won’t Go”

Taking stock of the North Shore’s culture of youthful challenging that pushes the limits in heavy water. From TSJ 28.5.

Interview: Ryan Bingham

On cutting his musical teeth in rodeo trailers and honky-tonks, picking up surfing on a hungover morning in wind-slopped Corpus Christi, and the parallels between riding waves and riding bulls.

Trailer: Surf Cuba

A documentary preview that looks into the burgeoning Cuban surf and skate communities.