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"Santosha" by Sam George

Sam George recounts a 25-year search for perfection, troppo left reefs, and "Santosha" (a Tamil word meaning "peace"), all spurred by the Yates' brothers' 1974 classic film, Forgotten Island of Santosha.

"Shitty But Good"
1976 Stayin' Alive

Matt Warshaw's history on the development of the World Professional Surfing Circuit from the judging systems and sponsorship, to the potential career path for the pro surfer along with the influential surfers who shaped the path for a...

20th-Century Radical

An inspirational piece about "radical" Hawaiian surfer John Kelly whose been riding waves for more than 70 years. Warshaw's article explores Kelly's life, surfing career, experiences with Pearl Harbor and commitment to not only the Hawaiian ocean...

25 Years of Big Wednesday by Paul Gross

The Hollywood surf movie Big Wednesday is reviewed by Paul Gross after 25 years. Paul also provides an up-to-date version of the movie plot.

300 Millimeter Man: A Chris Burkard Portfolio

Hailing from the Central Coast of California, Chris Burkard travels California and abroad with his 300mm lens close at hand. He was awarded the Follow the Light award, which is quite an accomplishment at his young age. This portfolio rocks with...

329 Main Street: From The Harbour Chronicles

An excerpt from Craig Stecyk's The Harbour Chronicles is a superb account of Rich Harbour's shaping career beginning in 1960. Located in the same location for 48 years in Seal Beach, CA, Rich had an early mission: create the best boards, support...

36 Hours to Durban

A border run from South Africa to Mozambique for warm but fickle tuck-and-run sand points.

46 Months

The travel bug freely ran its course through Dana Fisher's veins as seen in his 46 cumulative months worth of photos and words from his voyages during the mid 1970s around the world. From camping on Namotu Island under the impression that they...

59:59: The Biggest Little Race

Coverage of the 8-mile Hawaiian Paddleboard race with seperate classes/divisions. Brief history on paddling and long distance events in the Hawaiian Islands.

7 New Eyes

A brief profile piece about Rickie Massie from Barrio Venice. Focused on the obstacles he has faced from the surrounding gang lifestyle both on the street and in the water, his efforts to prove a barrio kid can make it, the unique encouragement...

727 Laguna Canyon Road
75 Cents by Craig Lockwood

Gremmie loses 75cents playing cards against a street hustler who gives him a life lesson. 

A 1976 North Shore Diary

John Witzig shares a glimpse into what life was like for visiting surfers on the North Shore in the mid seventies. Witzig discusses his own surfing experience as well as that of many others, including Australians Mark Richards, Ian Cairns, Peter...

A Beautiful Pandemonium: How Rick Griffin Became the Unlikely Herald of the Psychedelic Revolution

Steve Barilotti provides a biography of iconic surf artist Rick Griffin.  This piece follows Rick from his days as a high school student contributing the Murphy comics to Surfer Magazine, to his eventual conversion to Christianity and...

A Brazilian Surfer's Guide to Brazil

Reinaldo Andraus provides a surfer's guide to the various wave zones of Brazil and provides a bit of Brazilian surf history.

A California Quartet

A visit to four unique surfers’ homes: Jimmy Gamboa shares his unique Malibu home along with his favorite surf spots. Longtime South Laguna Beach resident Randy Hild is just minutes to his favorite San Onofre haunt. For the last 20 years, Richard...

A Chacun Son Paradis

Twenty-one photos of Greg Rabejac's portfolio covering Africa, France, Britain, Scotland, and The Basque Country.

A Chilean Odyssey

A feature article profiling the surfing life of professional Chilean surfer Ramon Navarro. The author, Yasha Hetzel, brings us into the life of Navarro, traveling through his childhood and upbringing in Pichilemu, his discovery of Chilean big...

A Cook Islands Wiki

Tim Brimblecombe's adventure to the South Pacific's remote Cook Islands with its powerful reef passes and "land of the giant" sea urchins.

A Deafening Silence by Chris Dixon

It was called Zoo and it was the best wave on Jamaica. But in 2004, Hurricane Ivan strafed the island. Zoo was one of the storm’s untold casualties until Chris Dixon sat down with...

A Disturbance in the Channel
A Few Minutes with Roy Fowler

An interview with Roy Fowler. Roy tells of his childhood and growing up as a young surfer on the beach in Santa Barbara, CA, to his Walker Street studio in New York City where his inspiration came from abstract expressionist artists.

A Fisherman's Hunch

Tony Harrington and a crew of Australian big wave surfers set sail in a prawn trawler in search of a new wave. Their trip is based on fisherman John Schmucker's hunch that there is a big wave spot lurking off the coast of a remote island in South...

A Fishing Village in Japan

With no crowds to speak of, a small fishing village in Japan hosts countless short-lived typhoon swells that pound the rocky point along its lonely coast.

A Full Measure

A synopsis of the success of SurfAid in helping Mentawais and Nias villages in Indonesia with health and education programs.

A Gomes Family Saga by Bob Cooper
A Hell of a Big Swell By Lance Conragan

Lance Conragen, one time captain of a sportsfishing charter boat and keen surfer recounts the biggest day he's experienced at Half Moon Bay.

A Man Called Rice

Johnny Rice, one of Santa Cruz's oldest-running surfers and shapers, has lived an illustrious life of surfing and travelling through California, Hawaii, and Brazil, and now supports fellow American Indians who struggle with alcohol and drug...

A Mischief of Rats: Cleaning up with Island Conservation

What can be worse than an oil spill? According to Rory Stansbury of Island Conservation, a rat spill can be far worse. Rory and crew travel to distant islands eradicating non-native predators catching a few waves along the way.