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Ripple Effect
By Jake Howard

It's too easy to get consumed with our own surfing lives. Chasing swell, dialing boards in, and all that. But lest we forget, there's a pure and simple joy in standing up on a lump of water and rushing shoreward. And that's an easy, possibly life changing thing to share. Enter the "Ripple Effect."

For anybody that's spent some time in the San Francisco Bay Area, you maybe be familiar with the handiwork of Tim Gras. He operates Gras Surfboards while moonlighting as a community organizer in underprivileged areas around the city. Partnering up with Ian Glover, owner of the Big Dog Surf Camp, the two have begun arranging surf missions for kids from Sunnydale, the low income neighborhood near the Cow Palace. Getting word of the project, filmmaker Adam Warmington got involved and began documenting Gras and Glover's conversations with young, inner-city kids about their struggles. The area's rife with drugs, murders, and hardscrabble pressures. As one kid explains, “It makes you feel like your head’s gonna explode.”

"We can't pretend to fix all of the problems inner city kids face. What we can do is give them a fun day out," notes Gras.

Should you feel compelled, get involved at Rally.org/rippleeffect.