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Letter From Fukushima
By Tadashi Yaguchi


Dear my friends.

We Japanese used to surf at front of nuclear power station in Fukushima. Almost all coastal line has been destroyed by tsunami and earthquake...and explosion of nuclear power station. There were so many classic surf spot and secret point there. The land around the power station will now be polluted for next few decade.

Please tell this disaster to media. Tohoku (North Japan) needs help.

Best wishes,

Tadashi Yaguchi


Note: Earlier today we received this email from our friend Tadashi, he asked us to please pass it on to you. Considering the images, it hits home especially hard knowing that could just as easily have been San O'...a nuclear plant designed to withstand a 7.0 earthquake. As always in life, help if you can. -- TSJ

  Photos courtesy On The Board magazine.