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Fish On
By Mark Healey


Hawaiian hellman Mark Healey is having a heck of a season. Eddie Aikau event, Maverick's, Todos Santos, Cortez Banks, huge outer reefs, Pipeline pro etc... Adding to that, Healey ended up on our most recent cover, Volume 19, Number 1, as shot by Pat Stacy. The fish on the surfboard he is riding in the photo, true gyotaku prints, have attracted a lot of attention. Here, he explains the origin of the species. - TSJ

Healey Boards

I am really honored to be on the cover of TSJ. I realize that more often than not there isn't even a surfer on the cover. It is usually a lineup shot or something. That just tells me that the covers are picked solely on their photographic merit, which makes it that much more satisfying. It's definitely a wall hanger!

The fish on my board are actual life-size, original, Gyotaku prints. An artist named Naoki Hayashi from the East Side was generous enough to give me thousands of dollars worth of his artwork to cut up and glass into my boards. It was an idea I wanted to try for years, and they came out amazing. I was feeling the pressure when I was with Larry the glasser down at the Sugar Mill. We just didn't want to screw them up!

I'm not the most sentimental guy about surf-related topics, but seeing three world class craftsmen make their contributions to these boards was a really humbling experience.  From John Pyzel shaping, to Naoki doing the artwork, and Larry Peterson glassing them, there was a lot of sweat that went into their making.

After they were sanded and I got to bring the new babies home I couldn't help but feel that I owed something to this project. I really want those guys to have some satisfaction in knowing that their labors weren't in vain. The Journal cover kind of brings the whole thing full circle. Thanks to a master of photography, Pat Stacy, one of them has been immortalized. And thank God, because it's only a matter of time before they (the surfboards, not the photographers) die some horrible death at Pipeline! This one's for the boys!!!

You can get more info on Naoki's artwork at gyotaku.com.