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Down For Whatever
By Robbie Page

robbie page

Who’s going to turn this around? How are we going to turn it around? I had this 14-year-old kid telling me I’m a f---ing kook and get out of the water, you’re an idiot, this and that. Stop all that aggro shit. Surfing’s got to be a happy, enjoyable dojo. Those who’ve got 30-plus years in surfing know what it was, and they know how it is now, and they know how it should be. I guess all we can do is quote Martin Luther King: ‘I have a dream.’ It’s got to be more friendly. If we can’t be happy and friendly in the water, where can we? If surfers aren’t going to lead the happy charge, who is? It should be whoever’s a nasty piece of work in the water should get expelled for a week, not praised for punching heads. Everyone has their best surfs when they’re happy.

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