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Volume 14 NO. 2 - Spring '05

Country Cousins By Gerry Lopez, Lost in the Fun Park By Jeff Johnson and Chris Malloy Photography by Scott Soens, Return of the King Titus Kinimaka by Drew Kampion, Our Wedge—Our Way By Ron Romanosky, A.R. Gurrey Jr. The Genesis of Surf Photography By Joel T. Smith and Sandra Kimberly Hall, Bar Chords and Single Blades Donavon Frankenreiter’s Canyon Life By Mark Anders, Harbour Chronicles: Photos from Rich Harbour, Realm of Rietveld By Christian Beamish, Bahia del Tiburon As told to Marcus Sanders Photos by Aaron Lloyd, As The Rainbow Fades Away Words and Photos from Andrew Kidman. Plus: 12-page globe-trotting photo pack; long-form fiction from the Irish wildes, Malibu by Night, surf gangsters in toney Santa Barbara, and the importance of the spermatozoa motif in the work of Mssr. Rick Griffin (RIP).Volume 14 NO. 2 - Spring '05


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Harbour Chronicles, A 60's Time Capsule

Rich Harbour started Harbour Surfboards in his parent's Seal Beach house in 1962 before moving into a nearby storefront, the only surf shop in town at the time and then to its current resting place on Main street.  43 years later, Harbour Surfboards is the world's oldest continually-operated surfboard shaping and retail operation. Steve Pezman chronicles the Harbour crew of the 1960's from the formation of the Long Beach Surf Club, to a Baja discovery, and their first attendance of the point-like surf at Honolua Bay.

Country Cousins

Gerry Lopez recounts the tale of a very young Laird Hamilton burying Rory Russell's surfboard in the sand at The Pipeline.

Lost in the Fun Park

Jeff Johnson, Chris Malloy and Scott Soens document a surfing and rock climbing trip through Australia. With varying degrees of knowledge about climbing and Australia, Jeff racks up numerous speeding tickets along with his rock climbing tick list. The crew also visit Jim Banks and family, as well as Dane Peterson and Belinda Baggs.

Return of the King

A profile of one of Kauai's most prolific wave riders, Titus Kinimaka by Drew Kampion. Kampion details Kinimaka's Hawaiian lineage and his big wave acumen. The story is centered on a wipeout Kinimaka took at Waimea Bay in 1989, where he broke his femur and had to be airlifted from the water. His subsequent recovery provided him with renewed focus and determination.

Our Wedge Our Way

Ron Romanosky profiles his notorious "Wedge". The shorepound bodysurfing mecca of the West Coast of California. The Wedge attracts waveriders as quirky as the wave itself, both wave and rider seemingly looking for punishment on the jetty and steep beach.

A.R. Gurrey Jr. The Genesis of Surf Photography

Joel T. Smith and Sandra Kimberly Hall take a look at A.R. Gurrey Jr., the first true surf photographer. For the past 50 years photographs and motion pictures have been the primary source of communication between groups of waveriders into a global understanding of surfing and surf culture.  A.R. Gurrey Jr, who remains relatively unknown today, was not only a highly skilled photographer but a surfer as well, a member of the original Hui Nalu, the Pioneer surf club that claimed Duke Kahanamoku as a charter member.

Bar Cords and Single Blades. Donovan Frankenreiter's Canyon Life

Mark Anders takes an in depth look at Donavon Frankenreiter's life from growing up in Inland Mission Viejo to becoming one of the first sponsored "free surfers" and gaining rock star status.  Donovan's natural ability and spontaneous approach to surfing has set him apart from the rest, often bridging three generations of surfing style into one wave.

Realm of Rietveld

A look at the art of Rick Rietveld by Christian Beamish. Rietveld's art is "rooted in the resplendent catastrophe of Southern California’s Surf Culture—its ideals and its anxieties. His paintings tap the lore of the lovely years, the 1950s and ’60s, when woody-driving, nose-riding, ukulele-playing surfers frolicked on pristine shores."  Rietveld was the creative director for Maui and Sons in the 1980's and launched his own clothing line, Rietveld USA in 1995 featuring his paintings on loose hanging shirts.

Bahia del Tiburon

Sean Collins tells the tale as told to Marcus Sanders of a hard to reach spot on the Baja Peninsula he had seen 32 years earlier on a sailing trip with his father.  Determined to go back, a tech'd up crew is assembled including Mike "Snips" Parsons, Brad Gerlach, Dino Andino, Jodie Nelson and photographer Aaron Loyd to head south past the overcrowded gold-standard desert spots and find adventure on the fringe.

Caffey Road

A fictional story by Christian Beamish about a young man who is delighted by the sight of surfers in the cove near his family's farm.

Batch No. 14

The 14th collection of handpicked photographs by our beloved photo editor Jeff Divine.  Including photos from roping West Oz to immaculate pipeline.

As The Rainbow Fades Away

Andrew Kidman talks about the making of his film, Glass Love. He discusses boards, camping, and the luck of getting the perfect shot.  Included in the article is a collection of still images put together long after the film was released, that, in Kidman's words, "were sketches for the storyboard" of the film.