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Volume 5 NO. 4 - Winter '96

The Bait Boy's First Board by Craig Stecyk, 46 Months by Dana Fisher, The Missionaries' Daughter by Stephen Cline, Green on Blue on Tape: The Surfing Business by Matt Warshaw, Photography: Group Show, Flung But Not Forgotten by Brian Gillogly, Gallery: John Comer by Elias Chiacos, Rare Bird: El Capitan, Recollections of Butch van Artsdalen, A String of Pearls in the Arabian Sea by Caroline Zimmermann George.Volume 5 NO. 4 - Winter '96


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Boardstory: The Bait Boy's First Board

After 45 years, Greg Noll was recently reunited with the first surfboard that he shaped on his own, thanks to some covert planning between Dale Velzy, Jerry Cunningham, and Griff Snyder.

46 Months

The travel bug freely ran its course through Dana Fisher's veins as seen in his 46 cumulative months worth of photos and words from his voyages during the mid 1970s around the world. From camping on Namotu Island under the impression that they had found Tavarua, to being interrogated in an Algerian jail, Dana has compiled an exciting assortment of surf travel stories.

Missionaries' Daughter

Stephen Cline's literary nugget of historical fiction takes us back to the period between 1837 and 1843 in Hawaii, called by missionaries "the awakening" due to the conversion of some 27,000 indigenous inhabitants to a more work and clothing-friendly worldview.

Green on Blue on Tape

As a follow up to Matt Warshaw's article "Green on Blue", discussing the business of being a professional surfer, here we have the anecdotal contents of a series of interviews that Warshaw conducted with a handful of pro surfer legends, including Midget Farrelly, Tom Curren, Tom Carroll, Kelly Slater, and Nat Young.

Group Show

Surfing photography's finest present us with some photos and autobiographical stories to form this group exhibit of fluid images. Photographers include the likes of Peter French, Chris Klopf, Darrell Wong, Steve Fitzpatrick, Jim Russi, and many more.

Flung But Not Forgotten

The stories behind the creation and lives of the most classic vintage surf logos carry us through the surf logo renaissance of the early to mid 1960s, looking at the graphics behind the products that spawned a beast of an industry.

Gallery: John Comer

Surfer/artist John Comer's work takes the viewer on a colorful journey through some of Southern California's most iconic coastal stretches (including Killer Dana), transferring the essence of a moment in time in an almost experiential manner with an ability to transcend the two-dimensional medium of oil on canvas.

Rare Birds: El Capitan

The elusive barrels of El Capitan contribute more myth and legend to the collective surfing consciousness than actual physical experiences; however, catch it on the right swell, with the right tide, and the right wind, and you could join a very exclusive club of El Cap junkies waiting months/years for your next epic fix.

Recollections of Butch

The wild spirit of Butch Van Artsdalen, the original "Mr. Pipeline", is captured here in this collection of stories from some of the people who had the privilege of knowing him in any of the contexts where he most prospered--surfing, rescuing, partying, and brawling.

A String of Pearls in the Arabian Sea

A chain of atolls in the Indian Ocean beckons surfers with access to a boat, offering hospitality in the form of diverse sea life, several reef passes, and friendly locals. Welcome to the Maldives.