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Volume 20 NO. 2 - Spring '11
Price: $20.00
Wrapped in a slab of hammered nickel, 20.2 arrives fully forged. From remembering Andy Irons, to uncovering the secret of the Millennium Wave, and making a case for why Shaun Claffey falls into the “best ever” category, the book opens with intrigue. On the backend, we define the disciplines of whomping and body surfing, Dave Kalama offers up notes on preparation, while power comes to surf video people. And with a hearty 11 features to jackhammer, there’s plenty of ore to mine in this issue.

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Andy Irons, 1978-2010

Jake Howard pays tribute to the legendary Andy Irons as he recalls past moments of his travels and surfing career: a life Andy always dreamed of.

Home On The Atoll: Killing Time In Kiribati

If you are looking for the complete remote atoll surf experience, Kiribati may be just the place you have been searching for. The Kiribati people are peace loving and welcome tourists of all kinds. Although the surf can be fickle, there is surf to be found.

Chasing Down The Genius: Jim Phillips in Profile

A self-taught surfboard maker, Jim Phillips began shaping in his early teens in the '60s while living in Hawaii. But being a military brat, he became and East Coast guy in the mid-'60s and quickly worked his way into the surf niche as a surfer-shaper when the East Coast surf scene was in its infancy. Phillips relocated to California in the '90s, still builds boards the old-fashioned way, and is truly a master craftsman.  

A Mischief of Rats: Cleaning up with Island Conservation

What can be worse than an oil spill? According to Rory Stansbury of Island Conservation, a rat spill can be far worse. Rory and crew travel to distant islands eradicating non-native predators catching a few waves along the way.

Family Matters: The Wilsons of Coolum

The Wilsons of Coolum are a unique, tight-knit family whose simple lifestyle has been centered on surfing from the get-go. Mick and Nola's three sons are grown now, and the youngest, Julian, is a traveling pro with brother Bart his manager, while Seb remains a world traveling longboard competitor.

Odds & Ends by Brad Barrett

Brad Barrett takes us on a joy ride through '60s Southern California surf culture: from San Diego's WindanSea to the Malibu Invitational and Mr. Dora, from "Surfer" magazine's crew to '60s surf music. 

The Oceans of Pitojat: Jungled Up with John and Ainsley Ocean

John and Ainsley Ocean sold their farm on the Big Island of Hawaii and set out for the Indonesian island chain with their surf bags packed. They built a surf resort in Kandui, sailed around the islands for a few years, and finally set down roots in Pitojat where John built their new dream: the Togat Nusa Retreat.

Checks Play: Taking Las Vegas with Steve Yamamoto

Surfing Black's was a passion for Steve Yamamoto back in his college days, so was counting cards in Vegas. Not a bad way for a physics student to earn some extra cash. Steve has a wonderful life these days, and you can still find him early mornings at North Peak.

My Friend Margaret by Michele Lockwood

The author rekindles fond moments spent with her friend, surf buddy, and artist Margaret Kilgallen, who lost her life to cancer much too young. Margaret's subject matter is visually unique and definitely surf-inspired. 

The Granite of Brittany by Erwan Simon

Enjoy a history lesson along the longest, jagged granite shoreline on the coast of France. Brittany, founded by the Celts in 845, is a significant region for French surfers with mild summers and cold, windy winters. 

Freeform: Will Adler shoots Travers Adler

Brothers Will and Travers Adler have grown up surfing Santa Barbara, California. Now in their twenties, you can still find them surfing favorite local breaks. Here's a look at Will's artful images of soulful rider Travers.

The Dreamboard by Andrew Kidman

Andrew Kidman shares how his "Dreamboard" was born starting with a Skip Frye Fish outline and a Simmons dual-fin square tail. His motivation: ride a shortboard on one-foot peelers at his local home break Greenmount.