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Volume 19 NO. 3 - Summer '10
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The newest TSJ is pulling into the station. Look for it at a surf shop or bookstore near you or, better yet, cut down on gas and have TSJ mailed to your door via subscription. Beyond the eclectic collection of feature articles listed in click-to-expand format below, don’t miss Mike Kew making the case for why whiskey always wins, Wayne Levin’s immersion, and the life and times of a Canadian tree planter. Plus the usual smattering of reviews, updates, and even a little beaver fever at issue’s end.

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Immersed: Wayne Levin's Breath Hold Compositions

The underwater photography art of Wayne Levin and the account of his three-year obsession photographing akule in Kealakekua Bay, Hawaii.

Whisky Wins by Michael Kew

It's not about the surf this time; it's all about Scotch whisky on the Hebridean isle of Islay.

Work and Reward: A Canadian Tree Planter's Ode

Step, bend, plant. Step, bend, plant. That's the mantra of a Canadian surfer/tree planter and what it takes to achieve long extended surf trips to far off places.

In Their Words: Recent Photographic Works, as Described by Their Makers

Eleven photographers’ works with stoking illustrations by Bob Tema.

The Rosy Resurrection: Shedding Peter Drouyn, Becoming Westerly Windina

The Peter Drouyn story as told to Jamie Brisick by Westerly Windina over lunch at Surfer’s Paradise. Peter was one of the most brilliant surfers of his generation, and Westerly describes his accomplishments, contributions, and tribulations to the surfing world as well as the morpohis of becoming Westerly.

Conquerors of the Useless: From 180° South

Two views of Patagonia: 1968 and 2009. An excerpt from 180° South.

High Noon at Bishop Rock: A Paddle-Only Assault at the Cortes Bank

A cadre of big-wave chargers are at it again, this time paddling in to 20-foot Cortes Bank bombs.

Stalling for Depth: Josh Mulcoy's Harbor Lust

Josh Mulcoy loves traveling to far-off places to surf—Hawaii, Bali, Alaska, South Africa, Scotland—but you will find him at the Santa Cruz Harbor jetty between November and February. Like his dad, “Harbor” Bill, Josh lives for his Santa Cruz water time.

Jersey Before Foam: A Recollection by Gordon

Born in December 1920, Mike Howes started surfing in 1937. This is a wonderful account of his life in and out of the water on the New Jersey Shore. Mike was an avid waterman throughout his life, from surfing his father’s Blake-style surfboards to teaching Red Cross lifesaving, parasailing, aquaplaning, and, oh, those beach parties.

My Life as a Surf Cult by Mark Sutherland

Mark takes us on a journey of his life as an artist and a surfer.

Dungeons and a Man Possessed: Africa's Heaviest Wave, and the Surfer it Forged

South Africa’s big-wave surfing champion Grant “Twiggy” Baker’s story of his becoming legendary at Dungeons. He’s earned himself a full-time sponsorship at Billabong and has focused on succeeding in the surf industry along with winning numerous titles including the XXL Ride of the Year. This piece includes sidebar “In the Manner of Whales,” about “Apenea” freediving classes with Cape Town’s Hanli Prinsloo to prepare for big-wave hold-downs.

The Iron Lotus by Lance Slabbert

Lance Slabbert's underwater photography moments.