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The Current Issue of The Surfer's Journal

Page One: Guided by very little fin-and-tail contact, but drawing on a wealth of generational knowledge passed down by her father, Emi Erickson navigates the drop at Waimea. Interior spreads of TSJ 24.5 visit the alleys and shore dump of Cabo, examine modern tech performance with Dane Reynolds, sample the flash art of ink-worker Brodie Jackson, and take a deep draught of West Oz’s good oil.

Page 18
Interminable Velocity | by Dave Rastovich

Interminable Velocity

When George Greenough shaped his first standup surfboard in more than 25 years, Dave Rastovich volunteered as the test pilot. Here, they compare notes on planing characteristics, edge design, hull drag, and acceleration rates after a trial run at Cloudbreak.

Page 28
Finisterra | by Scott Hulet


Drunk and disorderly in its modern iteration, Cabo San Lucas is a tough place to love. A hustler’s port. A tourist plantation. Vegas-by-the-sea. The shorebreak at Lover’s Beach remains its most dangerous addiction.

Page 36
All Manner of Wealth | by Greg Huglin

All Manner of Wealth

Dorothy Jurado emerged from the Ecuadorian aristocracy in the early 1960s to become one of the best surfers in South America. Fifty years onward, photographer and writer Greg Huglin checks in with Ecuador’s “First Lady of Surf” at her family compound outside of Guayaquil, complete with its array of private pointbreaks.

Page 46
Rolling Around The Park | by Dane Reynolds

Rolling Around The Park

Some notes on straight airs, face sequences, and other modern surf considerations. “There’s a kink in the wave so I try to make the most of a bad situation. I think that’s what makes surfing so addicting. It’s something you’ll never conquer.”

Page 56
A Taste of Margaret River | by Anthony Pancia

A Taste of Margaret River

Australia’s Western Frontier is rife with good wine, massive sharks, Indian-Ocean swell, and more than a few expats in self-imposed exile. Local journalist and surfer Anthony Pancia decodes the shoreward and bathometric geography of Margret River, from Boat Ramps to the Box.

Page 82
Beat With Color | by Jed Smith

Beat With Color

Rainbows, farting vixens, and Michael Peterson are just some of the elements of Brodie Jackson’s flash art. A trip to the artist’s tattoo parlor for a heavy dose of irreverence, plus a mixed bag of legendary characters.

Page 88
The Making of the Murph Bar | by Dean LaTourrette

The Making of the Murph Bar

Sometimes the happy accident of a manmade wave can use a little help to achieve its full potential. How a dredge captain, plus a lot of displaced Santa Cruz sand, created an artificial-wave of covetous dimensions.

Page 96
Social Chess | by Derek Hynd

Social Chess

Heir to a big-wave legacy, Emi Erickson has become an emerging face on the boil at Waimea. In conversation, she dissects lineup hierarchy, fear compensation, and the advantages of generational knowledge.

Page 102
Portfolio: Javier Muñoz

Portfolio: Javier Muñoz

Basque and other European excellence served through the lens of “Pacotwo.”